Login problems

We use session-cookies to log you in, and to verify if you are a logged in user. If the system does not find the session cookies it's looking for, it does not recognize you as a logged-in user, and therefor will ask you to login (again).

As we also do use the W3C/ P3P privacy policies, this usually is not a problem. The only know problem for this issue is Safari on Macintosh computers (see Mac help) and for Windows, if you have your privacy settings set at max.
For Windows, you can easily resolve this by setting your Privacy level to anything below max.
macintosh notes

Problems sending messages/ viewing photos

For sending messages en viewing photos, we use the default java script function PopUp(); you do not need additional Java for this, it's supported by all browsers (except some Safari versions).

If you have problems here, make sure you do not block our pop ups; most commonly:
  • make sure you disable the pop up blocker from Norton Internet security
  • make sure not to block pop ups from this site in your browser
  • More info on this can be found in the user forum:

    Ocasionally Problems sending messages/ viewing photos

    As explained above, for sending messages en viewing photos, we use the default java script function PopUp(); it is possible for websites to re-define this java script, which ends up in your cache then.
    Example: a website may tell your browser to use the default PopUp for getting your banners every 5 seconds. In this case, your javascript has been compromised, and lost it's default functionality.

    empty your browsers' cache and close your browser. This is now cleaned up.
    Now open your browser again, and all should work fine again.

    Deleting your profile

    You can disable your profile by following Your Settings -> On Line Settings and from there scroll down; you will see Disable Profile; once you clicked that, DELETE profile comes available.

    Old accounts are auto-cleaned up every now and then, but you may want to delete your Archive, your Private Box and your Out Box.

    I am sometimes online here with my friend on his own computer, but we have problems

    This has been overcome with the massive rebuilding of our sites in May 2005; you should now be able to login with as much users as you may want from the same IP network, your browser is the gateway now.

    Further help

    >> Help Index
    >> Help on creating boxes for Your Contacts
    >> Help on using your Blocklist
    >> Help on Your Private box

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