Login problems- Mac Users
Safari browser only

This system is heavily tested succesfully on all kind of enviroments.

There is one problem still though, and that exists with users using Safari on the Mac.

As we use session cookies, technical speaking it remains a mistery, but clearly Safari does not place/ read the cookies right away. This results in login problems, for ex. asking you to login more then once, and in you not being recognized as logged in.

We have been investigating this problem extensively, but can only conclude that the way Safari handles cookies is an unsolvable problem; futhermore Safari seems to keep problems handling the pop-ups (which is used to send messages, view users profiles etc).

Mac users reported all trouble to be gone by using Mozilla Firefox (, wich is a light weight browser, also available for Macintosh.

In Safari v. 5 problems are resolved when allowing cookies:
-> Go to Options -> Security -> look for Accept Cookies
default value is Only the site I visit
now make sure the value is set to Always

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